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The Way Back is a 2010 survival dramatization film directed by Peter Weir, from a screenplay by Weir and also Keith Clarke. The film is motivated by The Lengthy Walk (1956), the narrative by previous Polish prisoner of war Sławomir Rawicz who left from a Soviet Gulag and strolled 4,000 miles to freedom in The second world war. The movie stars Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, and Saoirse Ronan, with Alexandru Potocean, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Gustaf Skarsgård, Dragoş Bucur, and Mark Solid.

The film was chosen for an Academy Award for Ideal Make-up.
Throughout The second world war, after the Soviet invasion of Poland, young Polish army officer Janusz Wieszczek (Jim Sturgess) is held as a POW and interrogated by the NKVD. The Soviets, incapable to get him to claim he is a spy, nab his better half from which they obtain a claim condemning him. He is sentenced to Two Decade in a Gulag labour camp deep in Siberia.

There Janusz meets those with whom he later plans an escape: Mr. Smith (Ed Harris), an American developer; Khabarov (Mark Strong), a star; Valka (Colin Farrell), a solidified Russian offender; Tomasz (Alexandru Potocean), a Polish artist; Voss (Gustaf Skarsgård), a Latvian clergyman; Kazik (Sebastian Urzendowsky), a Post struggling with night loss of sight; and also Zoran (Dragoş Bucur), a Yugoslavian accountant. Khabarov secretly tells Janusz that he is preparing to run away south to Mongolia, passing Lake Baikal. Mr. Smith warns Janusz that it is Khabarov's method to review getaway strategies with novices, to preserve his spirits, but absolutely nothing will certainly come of it. At times Janusz appears to hallucinate the front door of a country home and also adjacent window ledge, which holds plants as well as a rock he attempts to reach for. Janusz follows up with the escape with Mr. Smith, Valka, Voss, Tomasz, Zoran, and Kazik during a serious snowstorm that covers their tracks.
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Kazik freezes to death the second night of the hike, after losing his back to the campground while looking for wood, and the group buries him. After many days of taking a trip throughout the snows of Siberia, the group gets to Lake Baikal. There they fulfill Irena (Saoirse Ronan), a young Polish girl, who determines them Russian soldiers murdered her moms and dads sent her to a collective farm near Warsaw, where they relieved her cruelly, so she escaped. Mr. Smith realises the mistakes in her story, as Warsaw is inhabited by the Germans; however, in spite of his questions that she'll reduce them down as well as strain their meagre food supply, he agrees with the team to let her in. Mr. Smith eventually warns her about the lie and states he will not tolerate any more, in feedback to which she confesses that her moms and dads were communists yet the communist leaders killed them anyhow and also sent her to an orphanage.

When the team reaches an unpatrolled border between the Soviet Union as well as Mongolia, Valka, that venerates Stalin and also does unknown exactly what he would do somewhere else, makes a decision to remain. The remainder continuously Ulan Bator, yet quickly they see photos of Stalin and a red celebrity. Janusz understands that Mongolia is under communist control as well as informs the team they should take sanctuary in British India. As they proceed south across the Gobi Desert, absence of water, sandstorms, sunburn, blisters, as well as sunstroke compromise the group. Irena collapses a number of times and quickly dies. A couple of days later, Tomasz breaks down as well as dies. Mr. Smith is on the edge of death, but after being inspired by Janusz, Zoran, and Voss, he chooses to rejoin the group, as well as the drastically dried out four locate a much-needed water source.
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