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The Dark Crystal is a 1982 American-- British fantasy-adventure film routed by Jim Henson as well as Frank Oz. The plot focuses on Jen, an elflike 'Gelfling' on a pursuit to restore balance to his alien world by returning a lost shard to a powerful but damaged treasure. Although marketed as a household movie, it was especially darker compared to the makers' previous material. The animatronics utilized in the movie were thought about groundbreaking. The main principle musician was the fantasy illustrator Brian Froud, well-known for his distinctive faerie and also dwarf designs. Froud likewise teamed up with Henson and Oz for their next project, the 1986 film Labyrinth, which was especially much more light-hearted compared to The Dark Crystal. The movie stars the voices of Stephen Garlick, Lisa Maxwell, Billie Whitelaw, as well as Percy Edwards.
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The Dark Crystal was created by Gary Kurtz, while the movie script was written by David Odell, who had actually formerly worked with Henson as a staff writer on The Muppet Program. The movie's rating was made up by Trevor Jones. The movie was produced by ITC Amusement, the British manufacturing firm responsible for producing The Muppet Program.
A thousand years ago in the world Thra, an enchanting crystal cracked, as well as two brand-new races appeared: the malevolent Skeksis, who utilize the power of the "Dark Crystal" to continuously replenish themselves, and also kind wizards called Mystics.

Jen, an elf-like Gelfling taken in by the Mystics after his clan was eliminated, is informed by his Mystic master that he need to heal the Crystal, a fragment of which is held by the astronomer, Aughra. If he cannot do so before the planet's 3 suns straighten, after that the Skeksis will rule forever. The Skeksis' emperor and Jen's master die at the same time. A duel occurs in between the Skeksis Chamberlain as well as General, both of which desire the throne. The General wins, taking power as well as ousting the Chamberlain. Understanding of Jen's presence, the Skeksis send huge crab-like creatures called Garthim to track him.

Jen gets to Aughra as well as is required to her residence, which includes a huge orrery she makes use of to anticipate the motions of the paradises. She has a box packed with shards, from which Jen selects the correct one by playing music on his flute to trigger it to resonate. Aughra informs Jen of the upcoming Terrific Combination, the positioning of the 3 sunlight, but he discovers little of its link to the shard. The Garthim destroy Aughra's home and take her detainee as Jen flees. Hearing the call of the Crystal, the Mystics leave their valley to travel to the Skeksis' castle. Jen satisfies Kira, another enduring Gelfling that could interact with pets, and also her family pet Fizzgig. They discover that they have a telepathic link, which Kira calls "dreamfasting," and also discuss memories of being forced from their houses. They remain for an evening with the Podlings that increased Kira after the fatality of her parents. The Garthim raid the village, catching the majority of the Podlings, however Kira, Jen, and also Fizzgig get away when the Chamberlain stops the Garthim from striking them.
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