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The Prince Of Egypt is a 1998 American computer animated epic music drama biblical movie and the first traditionally computer animated movie created as well as released by DreamWorks Photo. The film is an adjustment of the Book of Exodus and also adheres to the life of Moses from being a prince of Egypt to his supreme destiny to lead the kids of Israel from Egypt. The film was directed by Brenda Chapman, Simon Wells and Steve Hickner. The movie featured tunes created by Stephen Schwartz and a score comprised by Hans Zimmer. The voice cast included a number of significant Hollywood stars in the speaking functions, while professional vocalists replaced them for the tracks, besides Michelle Pfeiffer, Ralph Fiennes, Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Ofra Haza (that additionally sang her character's number, "Provide United States", in seventeen other languages for the movie's dubbing [4], who sang their very own components.
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Jeffrey Katzenberg had actually often recommended an animated adaption of the 1956 film The 10 Rules while working for The Walt Disney Business, and also he determined to put the suggestion into production after establishing DreamWorks in 1995. To make this inaugural project, DreamWorks Computer animation used musicians that had actually helped Walt Disney Function Animation and the recently disbanded Amblimation, amounting to a team of 350 individuals from 34 various nations. The film has a mix of traditional computer animation and also computer-generated images, produced making use of software application from Toon Boom Animation and Silicon Graphics.

The Royal prince of Egypt was launched in theaters on December 18, 1998, and also on house video on September 14, 1999. Testimonials were positive, with doubters applauding the computer animation, songs as well as voice work. The movie took place to gross $218,613,188 worldwide in theaters, which made it the most successful non-Disney animated attribute at the time. The film's success led to the direct-to-video prequel Joseph: Master of Dreams (2000) and also the growth of a stage adjustment. [5] The track "When You Think" came to be a readily successful single in a pop version done by Whitney Houston as well as Mariah Carey, and also went on to win Finest Original Tune at the 1999 Academy Awards.
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