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Hiro Hamada is a 14-year-old robotics brilliant in the advanced fictional city of San Fransokyo. Increased by his aunt Cass and also older bro Tadashi after the death of his parents, he spends his time taking part in unlawful robotic battles. To redirect Hiro, Tadashi takes him to his robotics lab at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where Hiro meets Tadashi's friends/co-workers, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred, along with Baymax, the inflatable healthcare buddy robotic Tadashi created. Hiro also fulfills Teacher Callaghan, Tadashi's advisor and also the head of the college's robotics program. After Hiro learns that Callaghan was the developer of the really robot modern technology Hiro makes use of to effortlessly win every one of his robotic battles, Callaghan tests Hiro by suggesting that robot contending with would be as well easy compared to the research study he and his students do, and also welcomes Hiro to apply for the university. To enroll, Hiro enroll in the institution's science fair and also presents microbots, flocks of tiny robotics that could link with each other in any type of setup you can possibly imagine utilizing just psychological thought. Lecturer Callaghan is satisfied, as well as quickly grants Hiro entrance to the university. Alistair Krei, renowned entrepreneur and president of Krei Tech, offers to purchase the microbots, but Hiro decreases. Soon after the fair, a fire bursts out at the university, as well as Tadashi enters to save Callaghan Nevertheless, the building explodes, obviously eliminating both Tadashi as well as Callaghan.
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Weeks later, a depressed Hiro unintentionally turns on Baymax once again, who adheres to Hiro's only continuing to be microbot to a deserted warehouse. There, the two find that someone has been manufacturing the microbots, as well as are struck by a man wearing a Kabuki mask regulating the bots. After they escape, Hiro equips Baymax with shield and also a fight chip containing numerous martial arts actions, as well as they track the masked guy to the docks. GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred get there, having been previously called by Baymax to aid Hiro overcome his anxiety. The masked guy after that strikes the group. The 6 retreat to Fred's estate, where they begin to form a superhero group, with Hiro producing shield for his pals to complement each one's area of scientific expertise.

The team tracks the concealed guy, who they believe to be Krei, to an abandoned trick Krei Technology lab, which they find was researching teleportation technology up until an examination pilot was lost in a crash. The covered up guy attacks, however the group takes care of to knock off his mask, exposing him to be Professor Callaghan, who had actually taken Hiro's microbots to protect himself from the surge. Recognizing that Tadashi had actually needed absolutely nothing, the angered Hiro removes Baymax's personality/healthcare chip, leaving only the fight chip, and also orders him to kill Callaghan. GoGo, Wasabit, and also Fred attempt to quit Baymax, however are rapidly overpowered, as well as Honey re-installs the health care chip at the last 2nd, stopping Baymax from executing the kill order. Callaghan escapes, as well as Hiro, angry at his buddies' treatment, flies off with Baymax. Back home, Hiro makes repair services then aims to eliminate the medical care chip once more, however Baymax prevents him, specifying that revenge is not what Tadashi would have wanted. To comfort him, Baymax reveals Hiro videos of Tadashi running many examinations continuous during Baymax's growth, showing the previous's strong wish to assist those in need. A sorry Hiro says sorry to his good friends, that forgive him considering that they comprehend his discomfort. The team reunites to stop Callaghan.
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