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Oz the Great and Powerful is a 2013 American fantasy experience movie routed by Sam Raimi, created by Joe Roth, from a movie script composed by David Lindsay-Abaire as well as Mitchell Kapner. The film stars James Franco as the titular character, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams with Zach Braff, Bill Cobbs, Joey Master, as well as Tony Cox in supporting functions. Based upon L. Frank Baum's Oz stories and set Two Decade before the events of the original book, [3] Oz the Great and also Powerful is a spiritual prequel to the 1939 MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz. [4] The film informs the tale of Oscar Diggs, a misleading magician that arrives in the Land of Oz and also encounters 3 witches: Theodora, Evanora, and Glinda. Oscar is after that gotten to bring back order in Oz, while battling to deal with problems with the witches and himself.

Kapner started creating a beginning story for the Wizard of Oz after a long-lasting passion of wanting to create one for the personality. Walt Disney Photo appointed the movie's production in 2009, with Joe Roth as producer as well as Grant Curtis, Joshua Donen, Philip Steuer, and Palak Patel acting as exec manufacturers. Raimi was worked with to direct the list below year. After Robert Downey Jr. as well as Johnny Depp decreased the titular duty, Franco was cast in February 2011, with principal digital photography beginning 5 months later on. Danny Elfman made up the film's rating.

Oz the Great as well as Powerful premiered at the El Capitan Theatre on February 14, 2013, as well as with basic theatrical launch on March 8, 2013, with the Disney Digital 3-D, RealD 3D and IMAX 3D styles, in addition to in traditional cinemas. The film earned $493 million around the world.
In 1905 Kansas, Oscar Diggs functions as a magician in a traveling circus. After his close friend Annie determines him that John Gale has actually asked her to wed him, the festival strongman finds out that Oscar flirted with his better half, and also the strongman endangers him. Oscar gets away in a hot air balloon, yet is sucked into a twister that takes him to the Land of Oz. There, he runs into a lovely however ignorant witch, Theodora. She believes him to be a wizard prophesied to beat an Evil Witch that eliminated the King of Oz as well as take his location; the suggestion of being an exceptionally wealthy majesty makes him immediately accept. En option to the Emerald City, Theodora falls for Oscar, though he does not reciprocate her sensations. They run into the flying monkey in a blue uniform, Finley, who pledges a life financial obligation to Oscar when he saves him from a lion. Oscar exposes his deceptiveness to Finley along the road, compeling him to help maintain the lie that he is the 'Wizard', a lot to Finley's inflammation.
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At the Emerald green City, Oscar satisfies Theodora's beautiful older sister Evanora, the Royal Advisor. Evanora determines him the Wicked Witch lives at night Forest and also could be eliminated by destroying her wand, the resource of her powers; just then will Evanora grant make him Master of Oz. Oscar and Finley are joined en path to the forest by China Lady, a young, living china doll whose village and family members were damaged by the Wicked Witch. Oscar fixes the China Girl's damaged legs with glue. They get to the woodland and also obtain the stick, yet they find the "Worthless Witch" is Glinda the Excellent Witch that determines herself as the little girl of the late Master, exposing that Evanora is truth Wicked Witch. Evanora sees this with her crystal sphere and tricks the ignorant Theodora into thinking Oscar is aiming to court all 3 witches. She supplies the sad Theodora a magic apple that she states will eliminate her bad feelings regarding Oscar; Theodora attacks it as well as recognizes that Evanora deceived both her and Oscar before she is changed right into a hideous, green-skinned witch. Glinda brings Oscar and also his group to her kingdom in the south of Oz to run away Evanora's army of Winkies and flying baboons. She trusts to Oscar that she understands that he's not truly a wizard, but still thinks he can help quit Evanora. As he reluctantly organizes an "military" of Quadlings, Tinkers, and also Munchkins, Theodora goes into Glinda's kingdom and also madly exposes her new, ugly look to Oscar. She intimidates to eliminate him and his allies with the Emerald City's well-prepared army. Oscar despairs of his chances. After telling China Girl concerning the exploits of his hero Thomas Edison, he develops a strategy that relies upon trickery and makes prep works with Glinda and also his group.

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